Over 400 specialty products for every dosage form India's largest distributor of pharmaceutical exicepients Over 34 years of growth & success A multinational network partnered with 25 global leaders Over 400 specialty products for every dosage form

Founded in 1986, Signet is a pioneer in the excipients business in India.

Since its inception, Signet has combined technical expertise with commercial support to provide its clients accurate information and exceptional product value. With 105 qualified and well-trained members, the Signet team has an excellent understanding of the intricacies of the market and has strong relationships with key partners to take the company forward. Today, the entire team's passion and commitment has made Signet an employer of choice for young talent.

At Signet, the numbers speak for themselves. Since 2009, the company has grown consistently at 18.4% CAGR to go from INR 231 crore to INR 1251 crore in 2019 (approximately USD 176 million).

Today, with over 850 customers across 1250 manufacturing locations in India; Signet's total volume of business has crossed 25,000 metric tonnes per annum. Having consistently kept ahead of the industry’s growth rate and with an array of over 400 quality products, Signet has become the ‘First Recall’ name for excipients in the pharmaceutical Industries of India & Indian Subcontinent.

Our growth story

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