Social responsibility has been at the core of Signet, since inception.

The Harish & Bina Shah Foundation were established to take company's socially conscious legacy forward by providing financial and advisory support to over 50 non-profits in India working on issues ranging from healthcare, education, sanitation, gender, governance and others. The foundations contribute to what looks to be a long road towards equality, justice, rights and a safer & more sustainable world. This financial year as well, we partnered with government, public health institutions, local administration, NGOs and frontline workers to care for communities during the crucial COVID period.

Sr No Particulars April 2020 - March 2021
(in INR)
1 Covid Response 8,68,00,000
2 Promotion of National Heritage, Arts, Culture, etc. 1,10,00,000
3 Healthcare / Medical facilities 1,08,20,000
4 Empowerment and Community Development 57,50,000
5 Rural Development 47,00,000
6 Promotion of Education and Vocational Training 10,30,000

In the coming years, the Foundation intends to continue and increase their scope and enhance the focus of their activities.

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