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Mitsubishi Kagaku Food
Mitsubishi Kagaku Food

Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods Corporation was separately established in 1982 from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Mitsubishi Chemical with their talented scientists and advanced laboratories has excelled in the fields of life science, toxicological and environmental science, and plant breeding.

SURFHOPE™SE PHARMA, marketed by Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods Corporation are highly refined Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters that can be used for many pharmaceutical applications as excellent non-ionic emulsifiers. It is a promising excipient for use in oral drug delivery formulations as a lubricant, disintegrant and a solubilizing agent.

Backed by strong technical capabilities and high quality standards, Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods Corporation provides seamless customer support. Based on their integrity and client focus they have been able to establish themselves in the global pharmaceutical industry.

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