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Established in 1893, Stroever GmbH & Co.KG started the refining process of shellac, making this unique natural product of the lac insect Kerria lacca available for use as an additive in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides the basic product line, Stroever also supports with tailor-made solutions which they develop for customers from natural products. Through an integrated management system, Stroever is able to guarantee a continual improvement of their products & manufacturing processes in order to fulfill the increasing demands of their customers.

Various advantages such as excellent film forming properties, controlled drug release, taste & odour masking properties and moisture protection of the drug have made the shellac produced by Stroever an outstanding ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry.

As the only manufacturer of dewaxed flake shellacs, of the highest quality with reproducible properties in Europe and worldwide recognition and a reference, SSB combines over 120 years of experience with state-of-the-art professional know-how. This is reason enough for many renowned companies from all over the world to place their trust in SSB products.

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