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Meggle Pharma
Meggle Pharma

Meggle has been servicing the Pharmaceutical industry for the last 60 years with its broad lactose product portfolio. Their portfolio comprises of eight product groups with more than 20 specialty grades, covering all areas from solid dosage forms (including tablets, capsules, and sachets) to powder formulations and dry powder inhalation, including co-processed products unique to Meggle. They are best known for exceeding customer expectations in resolving challenges with new and existing formulations.

Performance and partnership with their customers are at the core of their success. To guarantee optimum quality and batch-to-batch consistency, they are diligent in their product development. They manufacture to exacting standards in Europe and the United States under strict supervision of their production and quality control systems. They have an independent, global network in the fields of research, development, technical support, engineering, sales and distribution. Their products are manufactured round-the-clock using state-of-the-art technology.

The world of lactose is the world of Meggle.

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