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Humens congregate an experience of over 160 years unfolding a great industrial adventure through mergers and demergers with Saint Gobain, Seqens and more. Founded is 1855, Humens is a market leader in production of sodium based mineral additives like sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and other derivatives. In December 2021, they accomplished another milestone with rebranding of Mineral Specialty Division from Seqens into independent Humens Group. This change will certainly allow Humens Group to leverage the three existing business assets, Novacarb, Novabay and Novabion.

Headquartered in Lyon, France, Humens has presence across the globe with a rich, strong and unique expertise in pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal and homecare, environmental, and other industries. Their name is inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit and human scale business with 400 passionate, skilled and dedicated employees. This approach motivates them to constantly seek improvement in its qualities and services to uphold the highest standards to satisfy clients and partners.

Humens strives to extend best-in-class products and services while ensuring minimal environmental impact to create trustable and sustainable relationship with customers.

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