Principals & Partners

Shin-Etsu, founded in Japan in 1926, has grown to become one of the world’s largest producer of Hypromellose (HPMC) and Methylcellulose. The company’s specialty products include film coating materials, binders, water soluble cellulose ethers and their derivatives, sustained-release agents and enteric coating materials. As a part of their expansion strategy, they acquired the cellulose business unit of Swiss based company, Clariant.

The company’s Naoetsu plant fully implements the Shin-Etsu ‘Six Sigma’ activities and pursues the principle of ‘Total Quality Control’. Their specialty chemicals research centre proactively works on new applications for existing products and on development of innovative products to meet the customer’s ever growing needs.

Shin-Etsu’s corporate symbol, ‘Memorable Glow’ is representative of their abiding to advanced technology, top quality, dynamism, high spirits and flexibility, all of which are activated by the light source at the centre. Today, this company has made itself indispensable in the development of successful and new generation formulations.

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