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Innophos, established in 1902, is the culmination of over a century of advancement in phosphate technology. It is the leading manufacturer of high quality Calcium Phosphates, catering to the world’s pharmaceutical and food markets. Innophos and its predecessor company Rhodia, had pioneered the process of manufacturing extremely low lead content, superior quality, calcium phosphate excipients in both anhydrous and dihydrate forms. The company also holds a number of key patents governing the manufacture and use of phosphates.

Innophos has acquired four industry leading ingredient suppliers namely- AMT Labs Inc., Chelated Minerals International, Kelatron & Triarco. With this collaboration they offer bioactive mineral ingredients along with premium botanical ingredients which are widely used in the Nutritional (supplements and sports nutrition) & Natural products industry. Innophos’ quality management systems ensure a high level of performance in meeting customer needs and specifications. The company subscribes to the principle of sustainable development and continues to add to its product line, making constant improvements in products as well as enhancing capabilities at their manufacturing sites.

Today, as a result of their consistent efforts, Innophos has set high industry standards in purity, uniformity and formulation versatility.

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