Compound of Lactose Monohydrate USP/NF, EP, JP and Hypromellose USP/NF, EP, JP

RetaLac is a co-processed excipient comprising of equal parts of milled alpha-lactose monohydrate and hypromellose (USP substitution type 2208) with a nominal viscosity of 4000 cps. It is manufactured by a specialized spray-agglomeration process which generates textured and highly structured free flowing particles which are partially soluble in cold water.


Particle Size
µm (d90)*





Improves wettability of HPMC thereby improving processability, increases tablet hardness and minimizes friability 

Direct compression of sustained release formulations, roller compaction and extrusion spheronization. Also used in MUPS and mini tablet formulations

*As determined by Laser diffraction

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