Mannitol USP/NF, EP, JP and Mannitol IP

Mannitol is a polyol manufactured by catalytic hydrogenation of starch, a natural raw material of vegetable origin. It occurs as a slightly sweet, white crystalline powder that gives a cooling sensation on dissolution in the mouth.

It has excellent stability, low hygroscopicity and good solubility in different solvents. It forms an ideal excipient for solid orals as well as injectable dosage forms and can be used for wet or dry granulation and direct compression. It also serves as a cryoprotective agent in freeze drying applications. Mannitol has low calorific values, is non-cariogenic and ideal for sugar-free formulations.

Besides Pearlitol grades manufactured in France and USA, Roquette also provides Mannitol IP from their China facility.

Crystalline Mannitol

Grade Mean Diameter
Type Applications
Pearlitol 25 C                              25 Extra-fine Diluent for tablets, capsules and sachets, excipient for chemically unstable or moisture sensitive actives and orodispersible forms, freeze-drying carrier and sweetener for pharmaceutical chewing gums
Pearlitol 50 C 50 Fine
Pearlitol 160 C   160 Standard
Ramritol 60 IP ~160 Standard
Pearlitol PF                                                                 - Pyrogen-free           Diuretic-osmotic agent for injectable solutions and also used as a cryoprotectant for freeze dried injectables









Granular Mannitol

Grade Mean Diameter
Type Applications
Pearlitol 100 SD 100 Spray-dried            Diluent for direct compression especially for chewable, effervescent and orodispersible tablets, ideal excipient for chemically unstable or moisture sensitive actives and also diluent for capsules and sachets
Pearlitol 150 SD

(lower reducing sugars)                                           

Pearlitol 200 SD 180
Pearlitol 200 GT 160 Granulated Designed to solve formulation challenges by limiting capping, improving tableting speed and easing production of smaller sized tablets
Pearlitol 300 DC 250   Granulated grades are high density mannitol. It functions as an excellent diluent for direct compression 
Pearlitol 400 DC 360


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