Compound of Mannitol USP/NF, EP, JP and Maize Starch USP/NF, EP, JP

Pearlitol Flash is a novel excipient specifically designed for orodispersible tablets using the process of direct compression. This spray-dried compound of 80 percent mannitol and 20 percent maize starch allies robustness with rapid disintegration. It offers chemical inertness, requires a low level of lubricant usage and makes tablet formulation surprisingly simple. Pearlitol Flash results in end products with a very creamy mouth feel, smooth texture and a pleasant, sweet taste.




Pearlitol Flash

Excellent compressibility, high dilution potential, self-disintegrating properties, superior flowability and melt-in-mouth taste experience

Ideal excipient for direct compression of orodispersible / fast-melt tablets

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