Xanthan Gum USP/NF, EP, JPE

Xantural is an exocellular heteropolysaccharide produced by the process of fermentation. It has a unique polymeric structure where chains tend to associate forming a complex network, gel-like structure. When shear is applied, these hydrogen bonds are disrupted producing a flowable liquid. The process instantly reverses when the shear is removed. Hence, Xantural solutions exhibit extremely high viscosity at rest or under low shear conditions and very low viscosity under high shear conditions, demonstrating high degree of pseudoplastic behaviour.

Xantural gives clear and transparent gels / solutions and displays good stability and viscosity properties over a wide pH and temperature range. This enables it to function across a variety of applications as a suspending agent, stabilizer, viscosity enhancer, gelling and sustained-release agent.


Particle Size


Xantural 75


Fine particle size grade for reconstitutable / oral suspensions, syrups and gels. Also used as a hydrophilic matrix former in sustained-release tablets

Xantural 180


Standard grade for oral suspensions and syrups

Xantural 11K


Agglomerated grade which disperses easily and hydrates effectively under all mixing conditions

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