Gellan Gum USP/NF

Kelcogel CG is a water soluble, exocellular heteropolysaccharide produced by the process of fermentation. This novel gelling agent is extremely effective at low use levels in forming gels with cations, displays thermal stability and reversibility, is compatible with anionic, amphoteric as well as non-ionic surfactants and is stable over a wide pH range. These properties make it a multi-functional product for a variety of applications such as oral, ophthalmic, mucosal and transdermal drug delivery systems.

Ophthalmic solutions with gellan gum, on instillation, form in-situ gels in presence of ions of the lacrimal fluid. This gel may provide controlled or extended-release of actives. The pseudoplastic nature of the gel provides gelled solutions at rest but quickly flows under the shear of blinking, resulting in enhanced patient comfort.




Kelcogel CG LA

Low acyl type. Forms hard, nonelastic and brittle gel


Versatile polymer used as a gelling, texturizing, stabilizing, suspending and film forming agent for liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage forms

Kelcogel CG HA

High acyl type. Forms soft, very elastic and non-brittle gel


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