Sucrose (Directly Compressible)

Compressuc represents a new generation of sugars for direct compression, produced from an innovative and patented spray-drying process. It is made up of spherical, porous particles with a narrow particle size distribution which give remarkable free-flowing, mixing and compaction properties. Compressuc is anhydrous, fully soluble in water and has a sweet taste thereby masking the aftertaste of actives.


Pharmacopeial Name



Compressuc PS

Sucrose USP/NF, EP

Spray-dried sucrose (100%) without additives

Excellent diluent, binder for direct compression of chewable, effervescent and orodispersible tablets. Also used in sachet fillings and dry syrups

Compressuc MS

Compressible sugar USP/NF

Spray-dried compound of sucrose (95 - 98%) with maltodextrins / inverted sugar (2 - 5%)


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