Shellac USP/NF, EP, JP

SSB Pharma is dewaxed, decolourized shellac.  It is a natural, edible and biodegradable polymer that is produced by refining the resinous secretion (lac) of an insect (Kerria lacca) using solvent extraction method. SSB Pharma is an anionic polymer based on polyesters and consists of mixture of polyhydroxy, polycarboxylic esters, lactones and anhydrides. It is thermoplastic, tasteless and odourless in nature having low melting point of 75-80°C.




SSB 55 Pharma FL

Significantly higher purity and stability, low coating levels (2-5%), batch-to-batch consistency and high reproducibility

Enteric coating, controlled release coating, sustained release matrix former, taste masking and moisture protection for solid oral dosage forms

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