Shellac Solution

SSB Aquagold is an aqueous solution of an ammonium shellac salt (25 percent solid content) without preservatives.  The main ingredient is SSB 57 Pharma FL, a high quality dewaxed orange shellac refined in a solvent extraction process.

SSB Aquagold can be used as supplied or diluted with demineralized water.  It can also be formulated with other polymers, additives or coloring agents. SSB Aquagold protects the active ingredients effectively due to its insolubility in acids and its ability to swell or dissolve at higher pH values. It is suitable for coating applications in perforated pans, fluid bed coaters or microencapsulation.




SSB Aquagold

Low viscosity, quick film forming properties and drying thereby enabling short processing time, without residual odour or taste

Ready-to-use aqueous enteric coating system for granules, pellets, tablets and soft or hard gelatin capsules.  Also, used for odour and taste masking as well as moisture protection


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