Sorbitol Sorbitan Solution USP/NF, EP

Polysorb 85/70/00 is an aqueous solution containing a defined mixture of D-sorbitol and 1,4-sorbitan. This clear, colourless, syrupy liquid is perfectly miscible with water but practically insoluble in oils and has been developed particularly as an additive for soft gelatin capsules.

The advantage of this product in soft gels relates to its remarkable, balanced plasticizer properties without ‘surface’ crystallization i.e. graining, as is the case with standard crystallizing plasticizers and without the leaching phenomena in the filler media of the soft gels.




Polysorb 85/70/00

High dry solid content of 83% constituting:
1,4-sorbitan: 24 - 28% (on a dry basis)
D-sorbitol: 35 - 45% (on a dry basis)

Optimal plasticizer for gelatin shell of soft capsules. Also enables good stability with the fillers used in soft gels

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