Pregelatinized Starch USP/NF, EP

To overcome the drawbacks of native starch viz. cooking step, high viscosity, poor flow, agglomeration etc, the modified range of maize (corn) starch products were introduced.

The Lycatab range consists of pre-cooked, partially cooked and partially hydrolyzed starches made using special production processes. These products bring in reliability, flexibility and several advantages in wet granulation as well as direct compression tableting.

Lycatab CT is the latest addition to Roquette’s portfoilo manufactured at their facility in India.




Lycatab PGS

Fully pregelatinized starch

Robust wet granulation binder

Lycatab C

Partially pregelatinized starch

Highly effective binder-disintegrant in direct compression and wet granulation, filler-disintegrant for hard gelatin capsules. Also used as a flow aid in powder blends

Lycatab CT

Lycatab C LM

Partially pregelatinized starch, low moisture

Specially designed for moisture sensitive actives. Used as a binder-disintegrant in direct compression and as a filler-disintegrant for hard gelatin capsules


Lycatab DSH

Partially hydrolyzed starch, spray-dried

High wettability, low viscosity binder for wet granulation without impeding disintegration or dissolution. Ready-to-use, easily dispersible and quickly soluble with no maturation time. Also used as a diluent for direct compression of smooth tablets

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