Hydroxypropyl Pea Starch USP/NF, EP

Lycoat is a modified, pea starch based polymer specifically designed for aqueous film coatings of immediate release, solid oral dosage forms. This breakthrough polymer has low viscosity, allowing preparation of coating suspensions with high solid content. Coating time is thus drastically reduced when compared to traditional HPMC film coating systems. It is a new alternative for the formulator with benefits such as instant dispersion at room temperature, no foam formation, excellent mechanical properties, high gloss and smoothness with no logo bridging and a neutral taste.

Ready-mix products based on Lycoat are also available under the brand name of ReadiLycoat.




Lycoat RS 780

Low viscosity grade

Aqueous, aesthetic film coating system for solid oral dosage forms


Ready-to-use film coating system based on Lycoat

Lycoat RS 720

High viscosity grade

Novel excipient for orodispersible films

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