Galactic produces natural lactic acid and its mineral lactates through fermentation of sugar or corn glucose; that are natural and biodegradable. They have more than 20 years of experience in biotechnology which guarantees a highest quality pharmaceutical grade by means of a very strict purification process.

Based on their valuable experience in lactic acid fermentation and the development of many other derivatives, they continuously create sustainable, innovative and health-friendly solutions in the field of food safety, nutrition and green chemistry. Galactic’s mineral lactates display high solubility and excellent bioavailability making them perfectly suitable for powders, chewable and effervescent tablets, lozenges, capsules, gels and liquid formulations.

Lactic acid


Pharmacopoeial Name


Galacid Pharma 90

Lactic acid USP/NF, EP

Used in dermatological preparations as an antimicrobial agent, pH modifier, solvent, humectant, moisturizer, mild exfoliant and cleansing agent

Galacid Injectable 90

Infusion and dialysis solutions



Pharmacopoeial Name


Galaflow SL Pharma 50

Sodium lactate USP/NF, EP

Electrolyte replenisher and pH modifier in liquid, solid orals and topical dosage forms. Also used for infusion and dialysis solutions

Galaflow SL Pharma 60

Sodium lactate USP/NF, EP

Galaxium Pearls Pharma

Calcium lactate pentahydrate USP/NF, EP

Used as calcium supplement to slow down the degradation of bone mass and osteoporosis.

Stabilizer, thickener, filler- binder for solid oral formulations. Anti-tartar agent in dental care formulations


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