Calcium Carbonate USP/NF, EP, JP

Sturcal and Calopake belong to the family of precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) produced by the direct carbonation of hydrated lime, known as the ‘milk of lime’ process. These precipitated calcium carbonate grades are microcrystalline, white powders characterized by their high chemical purity, controlled particle shape and narrow particle size distribution. Although a number of different calcite crystal forms are possible, these products consist of agglomerates of scalenohedral or cubic calcite crystals.




Apparent Density


Sturcal L

Scalenohedral calcite crystals, heavy grade

0.78 - 0.96

Tablet and capsule diluent, pH modulator and used in dentifrice products due to its flow and polishing properties. Also used in antacid preparations, mineral supplements and as a source of calcium

Calopake Extra Light

Scalenohedral calcite crystals, extra light grade

0.42 - 0.50

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