Maltodextrin USP/NF, EP

Kleptose Linecaps is a maltodextrin obtained from pea starch rich in linear and soluble amylose. Amylose exists as helical structure bearing hydrophilic external surface due to the presence of hydroxyl groups and a hydrophobic internal cavity created by presence of glycosidic ether bonds. This cavity enables amylose to mask the bitter or unpleasant taste of drugs by decreasing the amount of drug exposed to taste buds.





Kleptose Linecaps 17

Easily digestible, readily soluble in cold water with low recrystallization potential, low viscosity in solution, complies with pharmaceutical and food regulations

Taste masking agent in paediatric and nutraceutical formulations for various dosage forms viz. solids, liquids, sachets, dry syrups, orodispersible films


Used in hot melt extrusion process for taste masking of various actives

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