CompactCel® / BonuTab®
Co-processed Excipients for Tableting

The CompactCel range provides efficient, fast, reliable, and ready to use premixes for direct compression. These products are designed to achieve optimum flow, content uniformity, compactibility, disintegration, dissolution, and stability in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablet formulation.

Customized ready-to-use tableting blend system to meet specific formulation needs can also be provided.





Granulated and homogenous blend of Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) / Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (NaCMC) or HPC / NaCMC

Dry binder for direct compression. Increases tablet hardness and improves friability

CompactCel SIL

Granulated and homogenous blend of different celluloses, silica and PVP (optional)

CompactCel LUB

Micronised compound of HPC, oils, wax, and vegetable rice extract

Dry binder and lubricant for direct compression

CompactCel MAB

Micronised compound of silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose and talc

Superior moisture absorbent capacity, prevents clumping of powder blend before and during tableting process

COMPACTCEL DIS Natural/Organic disintegrant with ingredients like Potato starch, Inulin powder, guar gum and natural fibres. Improve disintegration using natural/organic disintegrating agent
COMPACTCEL FLO Composition of a non-synthetic glidant with other ingredients like MCC, calcium phosphate, starch, etc. Enhances powder flow in solid oral formulations
COMPACTCEL SR Combination of release modifiers like Sodium CMC, HPMC, etc. Release controlling agent for various solid oral dosage form
COMPACTCEL TC Customized formula of taste masking agent and other ingredients like cellulose fibres, sweeteners, and taste masking agent Taste masking for non-palatable APIs
BONUTAB Blend of diluents, binder, disintegrant, lubricant as a one strep premix Premix for direct compression. Provides high compaction suitable for probiotic tablets

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