Ready-To-Use Sugar and Sugar-free Coatings

IsuPolish is a unique, dry milled, homogeneous blend of isomalt with pigments and additional excipients to speed up the production process. It is easily soluble and guaranteed to provide reproducible high-quality sugar or sugar-free coating. Clear, white and coloured preparations can be tailor-made according to customer requirements. It is used for nutraceuticals, confectionaries, and pharmaceutical products.





Compound of isomalt, pigments and other selected excipients

Sugar-free sugar coating for smooth and glossy appearance

IsuPolish G

Compound of isomalt, mineral and non-artificial Candurin pearl effect colours and additional excipients

Sugar-free sugar coating for highly aesthetic glossy appearance

IsuPolish FSC

Compound of HPMC, isomalt or sucrose, pigments, and additional excipients

Easy, fast, film-sugar-coating for excellent taste and odour masking and moisture sealing

IsuPolish S

Compound of sucrose, pigments, and other selected excipients

Conventional sugar-coating for smooth and glossy appearance

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