Lactose Monohydrate (Spray-Dried) USP/NF, EP, JP

FlowLac is directly compressible lactose having a spherical agglomerate shape, consisting of small alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals bound by amorphous lactose. It is produced by spray-drying a suspension of fine milled alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals in a solution of lactose.

FlowLac 100 is the standard grade while FlowLac 90 was developed by optimizing the amorphous lactose content coupled with the particle size distribution thereby making it virtually dust-free.


  Particle Size
µm (d90)*



FlowLac 90


Superior flowability, excellent compactibility, low hygroscopicity, high stability and fast disintegration time

Used in direct compression formulations of drugs with poor flow properties. Possesses excellent blending characteristics thereby preventing segregation in low to medium dose DC formulations. Also used in capsule and sachet filling

FlowLac 100


*As determined by Laser diffraction

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