Lactose Monohydrate (Agglomerated) USP/NF, EP, JP

Tablettose is a granulated grade of directly compressible lactose, manufactured by a continuous spray agglomeration process, where water is used as the binder and is sprayed onto fluidized fine milled lactose particles, creating liquid bridges to form agglomerated lactose.

Tablettose 80 was the first available agglomerated lactose of its kind with agglomerate size ranging from 0 – 630 µm.  Tablettose 70 was introduced later with a narrow particle size distribution for dust-free production while Tablettose 100 is smaller particle size material having higher dilution potential with increased compactibility.




Particle Size
µm (d90)*



Tablettose 70


Excellent flowability and compactibility,low hygroscopicity, high stability, superior blending properties and  fast disintegration time

Used in low dose DC formulations as well as for effervescent tablets, ODT and artificial sweetener tablets. Also, used in capsules and sachet filling

Tablettose 80


Tablettose 100


*As determined by Laser diffraction

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