Microcrystalline Cellulose USP/NF, EP, JP

Avicel PH, FMC’s innovator brand of microcrystalline cellulose, is a purified, partially depolymerized alpha-cellulose made by acid hydrolysis of specialty wood pulp. The process of polymerization involves high levels of quality and stringency.

Avicel PH’s unique properties - superior compactibility, drug carrying capacity and rapid disintegration make it the excipient of choice in direct compression applications. When used in the wet granulation process, the risk of over-granulation is reduced, screen blockage is avoided and uniform, rapid drying is promoted. The distinct properties of this excipient also benefit the dry granulation processes of roller compaction and slugging. Avicel PH is an excellent extrusion-spheronization binder and its inclusion in capsule formulations improves flow, facilitates plug formation and aids capsule disintegration.

With the development of differentiated grades, Avicel PH remains an indispensible formulation tool, boosting productivity and meeting tough formulation challenges.


Particle Size

Moisture Content


Avicel PH-101




3.0 - 5.0


Conventional grade for wet and dry granulation


Avicel PH-102




3.0 - 5.0


Improves flow in direct compression, dry phase of wet granulation and dry granulation


Avicel PH-103




NMT 3.0


Well suited for moisture sensitive actives


Avicel PH-105




NMT 5.0


Extra-fine particle size, used for direct compression of materials which are coarse or hard to compress


Avicel PH-112




NMT 1.5


Lowest moisture content and is best suited for direct compression of moisture sensitive actives


Avicel PH-113




NMT 2.0


Improves product stability, particularly of formulations using moisture sensitive actives


Avicel PH-200




2.0 - 5.0


Largest particle size, enhances flow in direct compression and dry granulation whilst maintaining high levels of compressibility with minimum weight variation and content uniformity


Avicel PH-200 LM




NMT 1.5


Largest particle size with lowest moisture content, allowing for better flow rate than Avicel PH-112. Improvised grade for direct compression of moisture sensitive actives


Avicel PH-301




3.0 - 5.0


High bulk density grade, for manufacturing of small tablets. Reduces powder stratification and tablet weight variation by allowing efficient mixing


Avicel PH-302


3.0 - 5.0

High bulk density grade with larger particle size, used for production of thin tablets especially in high dose drug formulations. Avoids powder segregation and achieves good flow rates

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